Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Days

Whew! Things have been busy around the Farmer household lately. I'm still trying to figure out a parenting - work - life - homemaking - church calling balance, but I think that will be a lifetime pursuit! I've always been the type of gal who's had the "you work to play" mindset. This posed a bit of a challenge as I transitioned to becoming a full-time SAHM. In a Mom's world, everything blends together. You have no clearly defined boundaries between work and play. Now that I have my Scentsy business and my writing position as more clearly defined "work," I'm trying to figure it all out again.

Amidst all of this, though, one thought keeps dominating everything: "My life is good." I used to think the best things in life involved leisure - reading a good book, watching a thought-provoking film, or playing games. I still love these things, but I'm not waiting for those moments of "freedom" to feel relaxed or satisfied anymore. Instead, I'm enjoying the time spent with my two little ones and loving my work. It's actually difficult for me to sit down and watch a show alone now, unless I just have to hunker down and fold laundry or organize materials. I save that time for hanging out with Tim. I'd rather be occupied elsewhere. In fact, I'm dually folding laundry and writing this post while Ezra naps. The trick, for me, seems to organize my day so I can focus fully on the moment at hand without worrying about the other things I need to accomplish!

I feel like it's been too long since a fun post sharing some fun Farmer kid facts! I thought I'd take a moment and share some!

Ella Love, love, loves preschool (and Eloise books too.)
If you ask her what she did at school today, she'll most likely describe the snack and tell you she rode the bus. (The two most important things).
Ella rides the bus home from school (I drop her off) because she is so enamored with buses and was so sad when she didn't get to ride it the first day.
She can talk non-stop for what seems like hours, asking "What color is that?" What's her/his/it's name?" "What's that, mommy?" Her curiosity is insatiable!
Her vocabulary seems to expand daily and she is so descriptive now.
Ella adores Halloween and has been telling us things are "spooky" lately, as in "That's a spooky popsicle."
She would always rather play with a friend or mom and dad than play alone.
She is trying learn to ride a trike and gets how it works, but doesn't quite have the patience to follow through.
Ella could still swing all day.
She now likes to ask to watch "Bear Grylles" - Man Vs. Wild.
She is a total sucker for reverse psychology. Mom wants a kiss and says, "I hate kisses." Ella furrows her brow and decides I need kisses.
My favorite game: "I love you, Ella." "No, I love you." "No, I love you." You get the idea.

Ezra continues to charm people everywhere he goes with his big, bright eyes and sweet grin.
He loves to wave, but not on queue and still looks puzzled when other people wave.
Ezra loves banging toys together.
He loves to clap and gets so excited when you say, "Yeah!"
I love it when Ezra tries to pinch pictures in books between his fingers because he thinks they're real.
He has 6 big teeth!
He scoots backwards and it makes him mad!
Ezra loves to stand holding hands and wants to let go and lean on my legs or just hold one hand. He is ready to stand on his own any day!
He's started taking steps when he's standing and holding hands.
Ezra loves feeding himself and would eat bananas and snacks all day if he could (alas, he can't).
His cheeks are so round and soft and sweet - I love to kiss them!

He has a full, happy, delighted laugh.

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