Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mr. Personality

I looked at Ezra today and thought, "He won't be a baby much longer." Made me feel a tiny bit sad, but also excited for what's to come. He is such a delightful little guy and gets cuter by the minute. I love how much he shows his personality lately and caught a few fun shots of him this past week. My friend, Kendra, had her turn babysitting on Friday and just couldn't stand the long hair around the ears anymore (She's a Hair Stylist). So, she trimmed up his hair (but left the personality on top) and he looks like such a big boy! Photos to come!

Ezra tried "Yo Baby" Yogurt for the first time this week - Yum!

This messy face is pretty common around our house.

Ezra was delighted by this balloon the other day.

Look at those cool string - and my big boy sitting himself up.

I love his big grin and silly hair!

Everything goes in the mouth. Look at Ezra sharing!

Hmmm...what  happens if I drop it?

Where'd it go?

Can I reach it?

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