Sunday, September 6, 2009

Diaper Decision Time...

Blogging about my cloth diapering adventures has created some fun opportunities to connect with other cloth diapering moms. It's gratifying to know that people are interested in your experiences and ideas. I've come to decision time, but I'm having the most difficult time. I spent quite a bit of time weighing the pros and cons of fitted versions all-in-one diapers. I ultimately decided that I care more about ease of use, than I do about re-sell value. I read quite a bit (more) information and felt that well-cared for AIOs could last through Ezra and probably 2 more babies. It would also save me the hassle of purchasing new fitted diapers each time my baby grows. I will probably need some newborn stuff, but I won't need to worry about that for awhile. We'll see how I feel after trying this system out.

After my last review, I read more about Bumgenius. It seems that Ezra is at an odd size moment for diapers and, if I hang in there, these should fit better as he grows. I just love the cost, the colors, and the hook and loop (velcro), plus the relatively lean fit. Nothing seemed to compare in the same price range. So, I kept the Bumgenious 3.0 from my kit and ordered a 6 pack from Diaper Daisy. I also kept the Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover.

I am so happy to have cloth diapers again because I hated using disposables with the stink and the garbage. For some reason, the Pampers I purchased simply smell so terrible with only a tiny bit of urine. I kept going to change Ezra, thinking his diaper was full, but it wasn't. Not sure what that's all about: Just that diaper or disposables in general. So far, I'm liking the Bumgenius and haven't had any leaks.

7 diapers are simply not enough, though. But I've done too much research! Everywhere I turn, I discover new diaper options. I found this and it got me started looking at all new options: I'm very interested in the KCK One Pocket because the reviews are all so awesome and it looks fantastic! I also love that you support WAHM businesses when you order these. You can actually sew your own by purchasing the pattern at, but I'm not confident enough in my sewing skills, so I am going to purchase a few through Etsy to try out. They are pricey, but moms swear by them.

Beyond that, I'm waiting on Labor Day sale announcements for tomorrow, comparing a few other brands/prices, then making myself decide and purchase tomorrow. I imagine this will include some prefolds, Drybees, some type of One Size fitteds, a cloth wipes kit, and a wet/dry bag. If you have any last-minute recommendations for fabulous diapers, I'm still taking them! I want to get this whole cloth diapering full-time thing, going though, so time to stop researching and order...tomorrow.

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