Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kickin' it in His KCK Ones

Ella and Ezra each had something special to wear today. Ella's preschool class is currently focusing on colors, so they dress up and bring something in a specific color just about every other day. Today is orange day and Ella picked out her outfit. She wanted to wear some Sunday dress shoes, so these were our compromise.

Ella didn't feel like having her photo taken and that's why there's just this one.

Ezra looked so cute in his camo shirt and shoes, so I took some of him (and can't seem to edit myself this morning, so this post has alot of pictures).

Ezra loves this garage-sale find. He seems to understand that the shapes go in the slots, but is still working out the mechanics.

Ezra just received his new KCK one-size diapers yesterday and is sporting them today. I purchased these because of the rave reviews they received from other moms. They are a bit pricey, but you support WAHMs when you purchase them. If you keep in mind that it's a one-size diaper, you've definitely saved money, since you'd have to purchase several sized diapers over time if you didn't select a OS.

I simply couldn't resist taking pictures of Ezra in this clever diaper once I received it. I've also posted pictures of the diapers alone and the video tutorial for anyone who's interested. After handling this diaper, I can see why other mom's love it so much! The clever design truly allows for a good, trim fit on a wide range of babies. When I have additional funds to purchase new diapers, I will definitely purchase more of these in other fun colors! I'd also like to try a color on the inside, so it's a bit more stylish when folded over on a smaller baby.

The behind looks a bit bulky here, but I think that's user-error. You can also stuff it with a slimmer liner if you'd like.
These are soft and snug, but the elastic isn't rough on his skin.

Ezra loves his play table!

I often take shots of Ezra without looking through the lens to try and get him to smile at me.

These silly, off-center pics make me happy!

Mobility is no problem in these diapers.

Suddenly, my chubby baby is getting leaner and longer. I can't believe how much he's changed over the past month! Ella did the same thing and you'd never guess she was so round now!

If you're interested in the KCK Ones, you can buy a pattern and fabric at There's even a video tutorial. I'm a bit nervous about my ability to sew these, but maybe I'll try it in the future. I purchased mine from Brandy's Boutique. You can purchase from Brandy at or through her Etsy shop. Her work is excellent, as is her customer service!

Here's a photo of the diapers Brandy sewed for me:

The bottom diaper shows how the diaper fits a smaller baby. The top two show how it adjusts for a larger baby.

Here's a video of how these clever diapers work:


TeamOSM said...

How stinkin' cute is your tot in those diapers??! I think his hair is my favorite part. It's what we call "frolic-y" around here. My son has it too, sometimes. =)

I can't wait for my Smartipants to get here! I decided I'd go ahead and bulk up my stash from that Craigslister, but I think I'll still have to buy a few more after that. I hope Kelly's sends me a little gift, too! =)

TeamOSM said...

Mindy, I think you should really try the Smartipants. Buy the three pack, and see how you like it. If you click from my blog, I'll get 5% for being an affiliate. =)