Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's on my head?

I've been waiting for the weather to cool down a bit to put this adorable 9 month outfit on Ezra. Thank goodness I didn't wait much longer because he'll be too long soon! I love the little hat with the bear ears, but Ezra didn't! This little guy has never liked hats.

Hi Mom!
You smiling at me?

What's this thing on my head?

Ella wants to wear it!

I want this off!
Silly Ella, trying to help!
I will get this thing off!
I did it!


Emily said...

I love the hat head picture at the end. Mindy, I think you have really strong genes--I think your two kids look EXACTLY like you!

Holly said...

Love the hat...too cute! Ezra has the cutest expressions in those photos. I also love how you referred to him as being "long"(as opposed to tall). I do (did) the same with my kids when they were younger and Jeff always thought I was weird for doing it, but really before they are independently upright, they are just that, "long". "Tall" will come soon enough when he can reach the soap in the bathroom :)