Friday, April 3, 2009

Things You Never Properly Say "Thank You" For

I put in the video from our wedding day a couple of days ago. We have a slideshow of pictures included with it that we showed at the reception. It includes photos of us as kids and during our engagement. I wanted to see if I could pull a few pics out to compare with the kid's photos. I wasn't able to get the pictures from the video, but I loved watching the slideshow again. Since the video was already in, I decided to watch it as well.

Tim and I have been married 4 1/2 years now and I've watched this video a few times over the years. I was suprised this time, however, by the emotion that swept through me. There's something lovely about seeing yourself on your wedding day, eyes shining, enormous grin, delighted in everything. Every other time I've watched myself, I've seen something to critique or a detail I would change. This time, I thought, "Look at those beautiful hair was pretty...I love the decorations...isn't this wonderful?" I suppose I'm far enough removed now to simply enjoy the day as something wonderful and leave all those critiques behind.

My favorite part of the video is seeing all of our family and friends. My neices and nephews and my brother-in-law Ben are so young. Alessia looks shy, Rilyn looks bored, and Aiden is a little bit crazy. Our mothers look beautiful and Tim's Dad is handsome. This will sound funny because it hasn't been that long and Tim is not "old," but he looks so young to me. I love the shots of Tim and his best man, Ezra, together. My wonderful friends Kelly, Becky, and Rochelle are there. We are surrounded by our aunts, uncles, and cousins who've sacrificied a lovely Saturday afternoon to attend our wedding.

I was especially suprised by my emotional reaction to the video showing my family putting together the finishing touches before the reception. Everything feels like a blur when it's your wedding day, but they clearly put in so much work. And I'm certain that we didn't thank them nearly enough. I especially loved seeing my wonderful brother-in-laws putting lights in the lanterns that I know were a pain to hang. They were such troopers that day - I know decorating for a reception was not their favorite thing.

I know this post is corny and nostalgic, but that's okay. 4 1/2 years later, I feel the urge to say, "Thank You!" again to everyone who made that day so wonderful for Tim and I. We are blessed to come from such wonderful, loving families. Watching this video made me miss our families so much! I love being married and it was so sweet to take a look at where it all began.


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Hey Mindy,

I just saw your link from Tamara's page so I thought I'd stop by and say hello!

I remember your wedding day - it was beautiful and you guys both looked so happy.

Happy 4 1/2!