Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hmmm...What's this?

Ezra had his first taste of rice cereal the other day. With Ella, we waited until 5 months based on doctor's recommendation, but these things are always changing. When I took him in for his 4 month appointment, the doctor said we could go ahead and introduce it to him and see if he's ready. He's doing a great job with nursing and just seemed ready to try out solids. I guess I'm ready too - I like when solids start to cut down on nursing a bit and help babies sleep a bit better, although this will be a bit down the road, I think. Right now, he's just trying the new texture out.

Since I tried solids out in the morning, I couldn't really get a good picture of the spoon in his mouth, but here he is reacting to the new sensation! I turned my back to get the camera and Ella grabbed the spoon to feed him. Unfortunately, she shoved the spoon a bit far into his mouth and made the poor guy gag. She always wants to "help" and meant well, so it was a struggle to be firm in letting her know she can't feed him without mommy, without discouraging her desire to help.

I also took a few photos of Tim with the kids during our Family Home Evening last night. I love it when Ella holds Ezra's hand and talks to him. I didn't get the camera in time, but just before these photos, Ezra was grinning from ear to ear because of her attentions.

The kids simply love it when Dad comes home (me too!). I love to see them together. It's been nice for me to go out for my calling at church and my Scentsy business - it gives me the opportunity to get some of the "Mommy's home!" excitement, so I don't have to be jealous of the "Daddy's home!" enthusiasm that occurs each night at our house.

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