Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Package from Grandma Cathy

My mom made our day with a special Easter package! We were truly spoiled today. She is such a loving Grandma.

I told mom a few weeks ago about Ella's new love of ballerinas. She's been going around our house dancing, declaring, "I'm a Ballerina!" Mom instantly decided Ella needed a tutu and set to both buying one and making one. She sent us an Easter package with the tutus and has been eagerly awaiting it's arrival. The package came today and we were delighted with all of the presents inside!

Ella found 2 tutus - one pink and one red, two crowns, and a wand to play dress-up, as well as a ballerina nightgown.
Ella trying out her new dress-up toys.
I love how proud she is to show her Daddy.
"I'm a ballerina!"
What position is this one, exactly?

Mommy "wore" the red tutu so we could dance together.
She'd say to me, "Spin, Mommy!"
We put on her ballerina nightgown, too, and she ran and danced around the house.
My mother is so thoughtful and takes such good care of us. I fell in love with these lovely children's books by a British author named Shirley Hughes recently. I asked my family if they'd keep an eye out for them at used book stores so I could collect them. Sure enough, there was a Shirley Hughes book for me in the package! Along with the dress-up clothes, we received stickers, books, and clothes for the kids. Not to be left out, Ezra received a little bull dog of his own for Easter.

We love receiving packages from Grandma, whether they're boxes like this one, or a card with to say "hello"and stickers. Thanks Mom - We Love You!


Mert said...

Hearing stuff like this shows me the subtleties in familial commonalities—I can definitely see why/how our moms are sisters. Mom will send a package to her grandkids and then spend the interim calling Dayna to see if it’s arrived. I think she’s sometimes as excited as the kids. I better not observe too loftily though; I have a tendency to do the same. :)

Tyler and Kelly Nieforth said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is the cutest thing ever! All that pink and the tutu makes me want a girl.