Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ella's Pacifier Intervention

Ella is one of those kids who simply loves her pacifier, or paci (packy), as she calls it. We've relegated the paci to naptime and bedtime only for quite some time. Ella resisted at first, but she's handed it over and said, "Only for night-night" when we've caught her with it. We've wanted to get rid of it, but to be honest, we were all kind of dependent on it. I mean, when your kid will go to bed with no fuss just to have her paci, it's difficult to give it up. It's been a source of comfort for her for a long time.

We visited our friends, the Kelley's, in Chicago early this week. We realized that the paci was in the car when bedtime rolled around. Ella and Paige were having a sleepover, so Mandy suggested this might be the time to let the paci go. I had a lot of trouble listening to Ella ask for the paci, but Tim was willing to stand firm. He told her there that Chicago was "paci-free." I was so surprised when she slept through the night without it the first night and then again the second night! I'm so thankful our friends were patient with a little whining.

We went to the Pier on Tuesday and visited the Chicago Children's Museum (more pics and blogging to come later). As we walked toward the museum, we saw a Build-a-Bear store. A few people have recommended creating a "paci bear" to say adios to the pacifier. We decided to play at the museum, enjoy lunch, then build-a-bear. Tim and Ella went to get the paci out of the van and Tim explained that we didn't need the paci anymore and we were going to make a special animal. Ella picked out a bunny at the store and had a few last sucks on the paci before our turn came up.
The saleslady showed her where her paci would go. Ella didn't like this idea.

I wish she'd been willing to place the paci in the bunny herself, but she didn't resist much when we finally did. If the store had been less crowded, I might have waited longer for her to do it. Of course, I'm not sure she was ever going to shove that paci in the bunny.

She enjoyed picking out a heart and had the bunny kiss it instead of kissing it herself.

She got over the paci going inside and got into watching the heart go in pretty quickly. By the way, her hair was in pigtails that she pulled out, hence the interesting style.

Once the bunny had stuffing, it was cool to see the saleslady sew him up.

I like how possessive she looks in this picture.

After they finished making him, Daddy helped her give him a bath.

Ella and Paige checked out all of the accessories for the animals. Maybe an outfit next time.

We made a birth certificate and named her new friend "Paccy." She loved carrying the little house around with Paccy inside.

The proud new bunny owner carried her house back to the Museum.

She didn't have a nap that afternoon, so she was tired on the drive home and wanted her paci. We kept encouraging her to snuggle Paccy instead. She'd rather have her paci, but the bunny is nice too.

Ella has since asked for the paci and we just tell her she now has Paccy Bunny to cuddle. You can actually feel the pacifier inside and she's asked us to take it out, but we just tell her she's a big girl and doesn't need it anymore. Now Ella sleeps with 2 bunnie; Paccy and her little pink bunny.

I think Ella new it was time to give the pacifier up. Although she didn't want to let it go, she didn't fuss much and has adjusted well. She slept fine last night and this afternoon in her own bed without the pacifier, and that was the true test. I am so excited to finally be rid of the pacifier!


The Kelley's said...

Woohoo! I'm glad to hear that it went well. It was great to see you all these past few days. We'll have to come to you next.


Mert said...

Just be glad it was a pacifier and not a thumb. :) I remember putting up major resistance to Mom's efforts to putting the kibosh on my thumb sucking.

Keely said...

Good idea!!! I think I might use this one when I work up the courage to finally "pull the plug".
It's so true what you said about us all becoming dependent on the binky not just the kids! Good luck and let me know how she is doing with it.

Tyler and Kelly Nieforth said...

Congrats! When we had Noah give up the Binki it was hard. He was hooked hard on it.

Mike and Tiffany said...

I loved this idea when you told me about it a while back! I've been asking Maddie about it and she said she wants to put it in the bear too! I just showed her the pictures of Ella giving up her pacifier and she was pretty excited about it! I'm glad it went so well for you guys! We'll be visiting Build-A-Bear very soon! :) Thanks for the idea!!