Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Cozy Coupe of Her Own

I know I've been posting like crazy this week, but I've simply had some fun photo opportunities with the kids. I feel like blogging will be like this for me - nothing to really post for a week, then 3 things to potentially post in a day.

Anyone who's spent time around me lately had heard me talking about the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. I searched garage sales all last summer and I do not enjoy garage saling. But Ella has loved these little cars ever since she learned to walk and found them in friend's garages. She's drawn to them and doesn't have very many outdoor toys (Tim would disagree), so I've wanted to find one for her.

I finally decided it was simply time to suck it up and purchase one. My sweet friend Heather found one in the Toys R Us ad on sale, so we headed out to Springfield to purchase one Wednesday. Honestly, it was so fun to go out and purchase something just because I wanted to, not because of a holiday. I have truly cut back on my spending habits the last few years, so this felt incredibly freeing! We arrived home from Springfield at naptime, so I had plans to be the coolest mom ever and put it together during naptime. This was not to be. Tons of reviews from parents online said this was a durable toy that their children adored, but assembly is a nightmare. Boy, were they right! Even patient Tim got annoyed with it that night. It might have been worth th $10 to get Toys R Us to put it together!

Ella woke up yesterday morning and found the car in the hallway outside her room. Such a treat! When Ezra took his morning nap, we went out in the front yard and played with it. I see hours of summer fun with the car in our future!


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

So fun! I'm sure she's getting lots of use out of it! I love that freeing feeling of just buying something! I just worked like seven days solid and made a few thousand dollars, so while most is going to savings, I did spluge on some Photoshop Actions I've been wanting for a few years...FUN!

Mike and Tiffany said...

Great buy!! Maddie's been wanting one of those for a long time. That's the toy she picks to play with whenever she's at a friend's house to has one. Ella is looking so grown up lately, what a cutie!!