Thursday, November 12, 2009

When Two Book Nerds Unite

Last night, Ella handed her dad a book to read. Turned out it didn't have much of a plot or storyline, but he indulged her and started reading anyway. I came into the room and heard, "Those who work with language know there's no such thing as a synonym." It seems Tim decided to indulge his little girl, start reading "The Synonym Finder," and wait for her to call his bluff. I laughed and told Ella she should appreciate that book because it's the reason she's here today.

Thing is, this isn't too far from the truth. Of course attraction, a bit of luck, a church dance, and (later) texting helped bring Tim and I together, but our first conversation involved a mutual liking of this book. In fact, quite a bit of our getting to know each other and "courtship" involved books. First, "The Synonym Finder," then Tim lent me "The Poisonwood Bible" (I hate the characters & can't get through it. I know everyone loves it, but now resisting it is sort of a "thing," you know?), then he bought me the Harry Potter books for my 25th birthday (I didn't want to read them because they were uber-popular, but I really like him, so I read them), and I gave him "Sonnets from the Portuguese" for our first Valentine's Day.

Dorky, you say? That's okay. As Tim would say, "Nerd is the new cool." ;0)

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Chelle said...

Nerd is the new cool. I love stories where books bring people together - it is such a beautiful thing.

As a card-carrying librarian, I am about as nerdy as it gets - I'm even wearing a bun and sensible shoes at work today!

Oh, and on,it shares this lovely clarifying tidbit regarding the word,"nerd":
a geek is any smart person with an obsessive interest, a nerd is the same but also lacks social grace, and a dweeb is a mega-nerd

So, just for the record - I think you are a geek rather than a nerd... you definitely have a lot of social grace. :)