Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happiness is a Wooden Spoon, a Pot, and a Sibling for Your Band

Ella still had a bit of time left before school this morning to play with her little brother after breakfast. She's been making more of an effort to play with him and baby him a bit now that he's getting bigger. It seems ironic, but I think it's natural because he must feel more like a "real" person to her now that he can crawl, babble, point, and interact more. I wish I'd taken a picture of my kiddos together this morning, but I was actually sweeping, filling the dishwasher, and simply enjoying the moment. Ella asked for a big pot and spoon, then said "Ezra needs the little one. He needs a spoon too!" The proceeded to bang to their heart's content, laughing, and smiling together, while Ella instructed me to dance. This might sound cheesy, but it was one of those moments of happiness that you feel is being etched on your heart. 

As I took a few extra moments to snuggle my little ones to sleep last night, I decided to stop and savor the moments with my kids more. Two kids, plus all that our family has going on, can sometimes make me feel like there's never enough time for anything, so I think I'm rushing through my life a bit. I don't want to look back and wished I'd played for just a few more minutes, read just one more book, or snuggled just a bit longer. So, I"m resolving to pull out the pots more, play My Little Ponies for a bit longer, and to stop more and really listen.

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