Friday, November 6, 2009

Ezra Climbs to New Heights

Now that Ezra's marathon teething session seems to be coming to a close, he's more willing to venture out on his own again and explore the world. He wowed my mom and I last week by crawling, then refused to crawl and only wanted to walk with someone. In fact, there's been quite a few days this past week when he was only happy when holding onto mom's fingers and toddling around the room!
When Ezra approached the stairs last night, I was curious to see what he'd do. He's finally figured out how to "walk" up them with assistance, but he was crawling up to them. Initially, he'd make it up to the first step, then slide down during every successive attempt:

Sometimes you even need a little head push!

We took a break to change his diaper and I let him play again for a few minutes before bed so he could show off for Daddy. If his bum looks out of proportion to you in these photos, rest assured that his diaper is double stuffed for nighttime!

I swear I looked away for a second and he was climbing the stairs, nearly to the top!

I love how pleased he looks with himself!

Suddenly he looks like such a big boy!

Just chillin' on the stairs like he's done it all his life.

Heading back down the stairs is tricky!

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