Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Love Grandma's Visits!

Grandma Cathy found a way to visit us for a week over Halloween and we were thrilled! Ella thought having Grandma here was absolute heaven. Once again, she only wanted Grandma to help with everything and we'd regularly hear, "Come on, Grandma" throughout the day. I'm convinced there's no better companion than a Grandma! We miss you mom and we're so grateful you came to visit us!

We did all kinds of fun things during Grandma Cathy's visit, starting with an overnight trip to St. Louis. Grandma flew in, we met up with her, stayed overnight (without much sleep due to Ezra), then enjoyed a day in St. Louis. Tim and I were able to do a session at the LDS temple while mom watched the kids (thanks, mom!), then we went to the zoo for some Halloween fun. I don't have a lot of time today with Ezra not feeling well, but I thought I'd post these pics. More field trip and cookie-making fun to come!

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