Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm Moving to The Inquisitive Mom...Please Join Me!

I started this blog after my family moved from our Washington State home to small town Illinois, far from our family and friends. When I discovered how much I loved visiting other blogs to stay connected (and to reconnect), I decided to start one of my own. As the name implies The Farmer Family Scoop was meant primarily to share pictures, updates, and anecdotes about our little family. I initially envisioned that both Tim and I would author the blog.

Over time, I found that the blog was my outlet...Tim wrote maybe a total of two posts. While the primary focus has still been my family, I've also shared some of my thoughts, experiences, and ideas. When my interests expanded to cloth diapering, I started discovering a whole new network of mommy bloggers. I worried that my current blog was moving too far beyond the focus of my family to interest the audience and I also worried that a new audience wouldn't be interested in all of my family anecdotes and pictures. To mitigate this problem, I created

After managing two blogs for a few months and reading more and more mommy blogs, I now think I was mistaken. I think there's room for a blog to be personal and also appeal to a broad audience, as long as it's sincere. There's plenty of room in one blog for family, faith, humor, experiences, and information.

I will always love my site and plan to still post some pictures and family updates here occasionally. But I now think it's time to merge into one blog, so I'm asking if you'll please take a trip with me, follow and add me to your blog roll. In fact, if you're feeling generous, I'd love it if you'd even grab the code from my The Inquisitive Mom blog and add it to your site!  I've even imported all of the previous posts from this blog, so you won't miss a thing! Thanks!

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Es Kopi said...

bravo....keep posting!!