Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a Love/Hate Kinda Thing

Whenever I bring Ezra in for a check-up, they ask how Ella is adjusting to having a sibling. I think they want to make sure he's safe, etc. Lately, she seems so torn between loving and hating her little brother. It's all love for him, truthfully, but she's so jealous of any attention he receives. It's confusing that he has all of these "new" toys - her old baby toys. I encourage her to play with him, but she's a bit grabby. Both kids seemed to be going through a real "mommy phase" as well, which can be an adventure. Lately, Ella is either overwhelming Ezra with love or pushing him down. He takes it fairly well, but is starting to really vocalize his displeasure. As I've mentioned before, sweet Ella loves playing together and never wants to play alone. Would you believe that I gave her a choice the other day - Play alone or take a nap - and she chose a nap. Toddlers are truly an adventure! I adore her, but she is certainly giving the terrible two's a bit of a try before her 3rd birthday!

Ezra's world has completely changed now that he can sit up. It's much easier to play with 6 months+ toys when you can sit and use them. Ella, Ezra, and I must have spent at least an hour the other day in his room simply trying out all of his toys. Honestly, they didn't seem like that many toys when Ella had them. I remember constantly seeing new kinds of toys that were supposed to help with some new developmental stage when Ella was a baby and thinking, "I need that." Now, I look around and think, "Wow. We have a lot of baby toys."

Here's some fun photos of our past week together. Do you ever feel like your kids will wonder where you were in all the photos? Behind the camera! I'm determined to get some photos of Tim and I over the holiday weekend.
Our local library program has a summer reading program that includes toddlers. Ella reached the 4 hour mark and we went to the library to get our reward. Since McDonald's is the sponsor, she received a coupon for a free ice cream cone.

Ella loved getting an ice cream cone and thoroughly enjoyed eating it - as you can see!

This farm toy entertained both kids for quite some time.

I love seeing the kids have a great time together!

Ella was a bit grabby, but here Ezra was able to explore the toy a bit.

Some big sister love!
Ezra's got the toy all to himself after being pushed down by his big sis. Now he really went for it!

What's this do? Can I get it in my mouth? Poor Ella is in time out in the background for pushing, in case you're wondering.

Big smile!
Ella loves to get down with Ezra during tummy time, which is so helpful. Ezra rolled over during tumy time just the other day!

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Keely said...

I feel your pain. I just don't know what to do with Elley sometimes. I know she loves Molly but it seems I can't take my eyes off her when Molly is playing near her. I have caught her a few times sitting on Molly. Molly, like you said, takes it well but I don't want Elley being that way with her sister, or anyone for that matter. She also takes toys from her all day....especially in the car because I think she knows that I can't do anything about it. Oh kids, they can be such a handful sometimes.

Elley and Ella seem a lot a like. Elley would choose a nap over alone play time any day. I feel so torn all day. I want to play with Elley but I just can't all day long. I wish we lived close to each other so they could play together!