Friday, June 19, 2009

Thoughts at the Wheel: A Father's Day Post for Tim

My thoughts often drift to my husband as I'm driving in the car. I'm not certain why. Perhaps it's a time of peace to focus my thoughts on something other than my kids and maybe it has a bit to do with love as the main theme of most songs. Whatever the reason, I always think the kindest thoughts in the car. If I've been frustrated, it melts away. If I've been unkind, I long to apologize. At the wheel, I think of romantic cards to write and sappy things to say. Honestly, it's wonderful. I had another one of those moments yesterday and decided to write a Father's Day post filled with my "thoughts at the wheel." Here are my thoughts on Tim with photos of our life together, in no particular order.

* Tim is a wonderful father. He comes home from work, eats dinner with the family, spends time with the kids before bed, helps put them to bed, then finds a moment for himself. I can't express how much that means to me.

* Tim is truly one of the best men I've ever met.

* I love how parenting is shared at our house.

* I hope both of our children develop his best character traits: kindness, patience, intelligence, faith, and sincerity.

* I hope our daughter marries a man like Tim.

* I hope our son grows up to be the kind of man his father is.

* I love the way Tim treats my mother and has true affection for her.

* Being teased by Tim is wonderful because it's never cruel and you'll always be safe.

* Even the things that he does that make me feel a bit crazy don't really bother me that much.

* I love his blue eyes.

* I like myself best when I'm with him.

* I know that some people have given me a second chance because they know Tim loves me. "If he loves her, there must be something more." He's that good of a guy.

* Some of my favorite times spent together are late at night when we should go to sleep, but we talk instead.
* I love how play time with Dad is always done with such enthusiasm.

* Tim has incredible determination and can be so stubborn. But his persistence often pays off. Watch out if he decides you should be doing something!

* I like how I cook and he does the dishes.

* I'm grateful for my previous boyfriends: the jerks, the mean ones, the "bad" boys, the kiss-but-don't-commit, etc. They helped me see how incredible Tim truly is.

* I didn't know marriage could be so great. No, really.

* I know why Ella yells "Daddy!" with delight when Tim comes home. I feel it too.

* I like how sometimes Tim will just listen to me talk. There are days spent entirely with children and it just gushes out of me.

* I love how he encourages me in whatever I'm pursuing and shows genuine interest.

* I know it's corny, but I hate the idea of living without him.
* I feel like I've discovered so much about truly living since I met Tim and I am grateful every day.
* Sometimes I wonder how this guy was single at 24. Lucky me.
* And the list could go on and on.
* Looking for photos of my husband was so much fun and I am feeling so nostalgic right now! I loved seeing photos of our family over the past 5 years and remembering the wonder of it all.

I love you, Tim! Happy Father's Day!

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Chelle said...

That's a great tribute, Mindy.

I never knew Tim super well, but I do remember the first time I met him (or at least my first memory). A big group was at the Spaghetti Factory for someone's birthday. I remember thinking what a nice and funny guy he was... and you ended up with him, you lucky girl!! :)