Friday, June 19, 2009

6 Months!

We went to Ezra's 6 month check-up yesterday. They always ask, "Is your husband tall?", which makes me smile. He definitely didn't inherit his height from me! Ezra certainly is tall. He's 29 3/8 inches (97th percentile) and 20 lbs (90thth percentile). His head is finally catching up in the 75th percentile. He is such a chubby, cuddly guy!

Ezra's generally good humored, but he was in an especially good mood yesterday.
He smiled and charmed the doctor and nurses. I was so glad when he only cried out a tiny bit for the shots and did great for the rest of the day.

Like every mom always says, it's hard to believe our little guy is already 6 months! I love this age. He lights up whenever he sees me and his smile seems to say, "That's my mom!" It's such a pleasure to watch him grow and change. I love how he and Ella interact together. While it presents many challenging, spending my days with a toddler and a baby is such a delight!

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