Saturday, June 6, 2009


We walked into the St. Louis airport yesterday and glimpsed my mom waiting by the baggage claim. It's been 6 months since we saw her in person, but we talk to Grandma on the phone and using Skype regularly. I thought Ella'd be a bit shy, but when Grandma called out her name and opened her arms, Ella rushed forward in delight. From that moment on, Mom developed a little shadow who follows her adoringly where 'ere she goes.

If Grandma leaves Ella's sight, I hear, "Where's Grandma." When I try to help her get in or out of the car, I hear, "No. Grandma." If Ella needs to do something, but resists, we just say, "Grandma needs to brush her hair (or insert action here)" and Ella instantly needs to do it too. Plus, Grandma is the ultimate playmate. I adore my mom and I can't explain how delighted I am to see the two of them together.

Grandma came bearing wonderful gifts - including these super fun butterfly wings Ella's wearing

We celebrated Mom's birthday today (she'd say she's 39) and Ella loved singing "Happy Birthday!," going out to dinner, and eating strawberry shortcake.

I'm embarrassed to say that I've been eagerly awaiting her birthday visit, but really didn't have it together with balloons or candles (she had to blow out a "2" candle). I feel woefully unprepared - I was just so focused on having her come! But we had a wonderful day together despite my lack of decorations. I'll make up for it this week!

Blowing out the candle together!

They'll be more pictures and stories to come - Grandma visits for 10 days - but I wanted to say, "We love Grandma!"

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Mert said...

So how long is your mom going to be in town? Will she be there when my parents and I come next week? I arrive next Tuesday and Mom and Dad come with Anna on Wednesday.