Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night with the Karlinseys

As I've mentioned before, Ella simply adores the Karlinesey family. It's been fun to live near my cousin's family and spend time with them. They invited us over to share Halloween dinner and to go trick "r" treating. Brynne and Braden did such a good job helping Ella get ready to go outside. She was so excited to go trick "r" treating with them!

We thought Ella would just make it a short distance with the bigger kids, but she was pretty dedicated to gathering candy. When we'd fall behind, she'd occasionally let her Dad carry her a bit of the way or she'd pick up her pace and say, "Run! Run!" Generally, the bigger kids would make it to the door and she'd be heading up for her treat as they were headed back down the driveway. Tim is such an incredible Dad and Uncle. He readily agreed to go out with the kids and was so patient and sweet with Ella as they went from door to door. I traveled with them part of the way, then Tim was sweet enough to stay out with them a bit longer.

When Ella arrived home with her pumpkin, it was filled with candy. Tim said he didn't know how she managed to keep carrying it, but she had a death grip on the handle. She woke up Saturday morning asking for her "candy-o." I let her choose a piece of candy after breakfast and I had to convince her to let go of the pumpkin handle in order to get dressed.


Mert said...

What was Braden suppose to be?

Mindy said...

I think Braden is a Jedi. Trying to remember now. They wouldn't really stand still for pictures - too wound up!