Saturday, November 22, 2008

Those "Everyone's Looking at Me" Pictures

A couple of my friends threw me a baby shower on the 15th. They did an incredible job decorating and I was touched by the turnout. I asked a girl attending to take a couple of photos of me opening gifts. Ultimately, it seems like she took a couple hundred, most of them with me looking goofy as I made the "Oh, it's so cute" face and said "thank you!" I don't think I'm particularly photogenic to begin with, but boy do I look silly when I'm animated and on display! I truly appreciated the party, though, and it was so wonderful of people to give gifts, despite the fact that this is my second baby. So much of Ella's things are incredibly girly, so I am so grateful to have some bibs and clothes for a boy! One of the sweetest gifts I received were three pairs of knitted baby booties - they are so tiny and I can't wait for our little guy to wear them. I couldn't bear to put too many photos of my really ridiculous faces, but here's a few from the party.

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Mert said...

Hey, I saw your bookshelf on your blog and thought that was a better idea than a huge typed out list that takes up so much space, so I added one to mine. Can I get your email address so I can add you as a book friend?