Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Duck and What to Do with Stickers

I captured a few shots of Ella in her duck costume this morning. We dressed up to go to playtime at the library. This is such a wonderful break for parents and kids that they provide every Friday. At first, she didn't want to smile, but then I said the word "candy" and her face lit up. I'm beginning to despise the word candy and I'm so happy Halloween only comes once a year! I do love seeing her have so much fun in her costume, though!

Grandma Cathy also sent us a fun Halloween package - we can't wait to use the free frosty coupons! Thanks, mom! Grandma always remembers to send stickers and Ella loves to play with every single one. In case you weren't sure what to do with stickers, here's some instructional photos.


The Kelley's said...

What a cute duck! I hope she quacked for you.

Does Ella put them on her belly? Paige loves to have them on her belly. We try and avoid it since they don't come off the skin very well. We started to only give her stickers when she used the potty. Works really well!

The Farmers said...

Thanks, Mandy! Actually, she's great with the stickers and generally puts them on her arms or legs. Such inexpensive fun!