Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pleasant Wednesday Suprise

So, the cable is still on. I know sometimes this is lucky and you don't want to tempt fate, but the phone's been on all day. So, I contacted the cable company to make sure we're not paying for it (the new cost is high!). We're not paying, but it's not officially turned off yet. Yeah for me! I appreciated the advice to try and get a deal, but the cable package we had was out of this world and the new offer is less service for $20 more! Anyway, it feels good to still be connected (at least for today). We'll see how long the luck lasts! Then it's just the delay until Verizon gets us connected.

By the way, my friend asked me about how to post slideshows on your blog. I am one of those people who always wants to find the answer if I don't have it, so I found this cool link. I haven't had a chance to try posting a slideshow yet, but I went to the picasa link and all of the pictures I've ever uploaded to my blog are already on it. So cool!Check it out at

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