Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Decorating and Other Pics

We moved our computer, then we were without internet for awhile. Since then, I've been behind on uploading pictures. I know my mom especially loves the pics, so I wanted to post a few here. Mom recently sent us some Halloween window clings. Thank goodness - because I'm not sure where the other decorations are. Receiving a package in the afternoon is such a wonderful distraction. Ella and I had a fun time decorating our windows. Since then, she's made a habit of pulling them down and carrying them around.

Here are some other random pictures of Ella taken over the past month that I thought I'd share as well:

Hmmm...I think I'll try something new.
Just a little higher....
What happens if I let go?
Giddy yup, Horsey!
I wanted to capture a charming photo of Ella in this outfit, but only got her crabby face.

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Kinzie said...

Mari likes to stand on the horsy too (and fall).