Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am so thrilled to (finally!) have a car of my own! Tim and I have been living with one car for 2 years or so now. He was wonderful while we lived in Washington and rode the bus to school and work for quite some time. This was not always convenient, but he had a free pass through school and he rarely complained. When we lived with my mom, I was able to borrow her car frequently, so things weren't such a big deal. For the past year that we've lived in Jacksonville, though, I haven't had regular access to a car. Tim did carpool for awhile, but that stopped a few months ago. It's been very humbling for me to ask for rides to appointments, friend's houses, social functions, etc. My friends here have been incredibly kind and accomodating. But, I've been feeling stir crazy and worried about having a toddler in this weather with no car to provide relief. We decided to just start looking a couple weeks ago (thinking we'd buy in late November) and ended up finding a great deal on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. I am now a mini-van driver, something I've always dreaded, but I'm actually thrilled! It has the "stow and go" seats and it's so much easier to get Ella in and out. We love just running a quick errand to get out of the house and grocery shopping during the day! Hooray!

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