Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can We Make it Without the Internet?

We're giving up our cable package tomorrow (phone, tv, internet), as the special package expires. I'm feeling especially sad about letting go of the DVR. We did this for quite some time when we were first married - cell phones, internet, and Netflix only. I know it'll be fine, but a change for us. I'll have to keep track of my cell phone more and we'll have to start getting Netflix for Ella, instead of depending on PBS. But I can do this, right? We did make one big mistake, though. We didn't sign up for the new Verizon internet service early enough and might not have internet until the 15th. And we made this error right before General Conference, so we'll actually have to go to the church building. Maybe some of our friends will take mercy on us. I can, of course, use internet at some friends, but I'll miss regularly reading blogs and facebook. Can we make it?!


Rebecca said...

For a minute there I thought you were cancelling your internet all together. Thank goodness you aren't! I'd have an anxiety attack without it. We'll miss you temporarily. I'd wheel and deal, I know lots of people that get the offers extended when they say they are going to cancel.

The Kelley's said...

Oh my goodness. That will be hard but I'm sure you three will be able to entertain one another quite well. I do love my netflix though. Actually, I would hit some garage sales or ebay and see if you can find some movies for Ella that way you will always have some on hand.

Tymon said...

The answer is "no, no you can't make it." The internet is a vital part of life and must be had. Good luck.