Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life With Ella

We captured some fun moments with Ella this past week and I just wanted to share them with our friends and family.

On an episode of Barney last week, they talked all about birthdays and cakes. Ella was so excited about the cakes. I am trying to distract her from tv and come up with more fun activities to do together. So, I asked Ella if she wanted to make cookies. We didn't have too much success with this when she was smaller, but she was perfectly content to let me measure the ingredients and then help pour them in.

The chocolate chip cookie recipe my friend Holly shared with me (best cookies ever!) has you roll the dough into balls. Here's Ella rolling out her dough

She didn't really want me to get a picture of her eating the cookie, but I managed a to catch her with one.

I caught Ella and Tim relaxing with a book the other night and thought this looked so cozy and cute.

Ella has started requesting pony tails, a major switch from just a few weeks ago. When they come out at night, though, her hair is hilarious!

She's totally oblivious to her crazy hair.

During bath time the other evening, I thought Ella was acting suspicious. I asked her if she needed to poo, but she was evasive. So, I pulled her out and sat her on her toilet. I handed her the magazine because she doesn't like sitting on the toilet bare-bummed very much. She didn't end up using her seat, but I love this photo!

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Rebecca said...

Love the post pig tail hair. That's awesome! She's so big!