Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rescue for the Maternity Clothes Blues

My friend Kelly responded to my maternity clothes blues recently with a very generous offer. She sent me a package with some of her adorable maternity clothes. The arrival of the package totally made my afternoon! It's just too difficult to afford a new wardrobe of clothes each time your pregnant and I was quickly sick of my maternity clothes, plus many of them are too large (great news!). Anyway, here are some photos Tim took of me in one of the great dresses Kelly loaned to me. Thanks so much, Kelly!

Just thought I'd add this as well. Anyone else experience this? Ella and I go for a walk pretty much every day. We head outside, she immediately finds a stroller, then says "walk?". It's been great for both of us - we get fresh air, I get exercise, and we get out of the house. We did this before I was pregnant and people would always smile and wave at Ella. I've noticed a different expression on people's faces since I've been pregnant, though. It seems like there's something about a pregnant woman and a toddler that just seems so sweet to everyone - the circle of life come to life before them or something. As I lumber past them with my gigantic belly, though, I swear I see something else as well. A moment of relief, a not-so-secret "I'm glad it's her and not me" flash across their faces. Pretty funny...most of the time.

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