Monday, May 11, 2009


This morning, I started thinking of how I've found that joy in life comes from many unexpected (and expected) places. Things that bring me joy (and they didn't always):

- Eating leftovers (saves money and time)
- Saving to buy something big (rather than using credit)
- Saying no to instant gratification - and then occasionally treating yourself. It's so much more delicious this way!
- Eating lots of fresh fruits
- Sticking to a budget
- Listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost
- Holding my tongue
- Admitting when I'm wrong
- Asking for what I need
- Saying "I love you" often
- Hugging my children
- Baking something from scratch - and sending some with Tim to share with co-workers
- Finding ways for Ella to "help" with everything - even if it takes extra time
- Dancing with my daughter
- Smiling at a stranger
- Kissing my husband
- Listening to the Prophet
- Reading to my children
- Talking with my mom
- Teaching
- Learning something new
- Cooking dinner and seeing my family enjoy it
- Spending time with a friend
- Laughing out loud
- Praying
- Dinner with my family each evening
- Apologizing (and then moving on)
- Trying something new
- Smiling at Ezra - and watching his face light up in return
- Library toddler time
- A little facebook time
- Eating in instead of out - eating out becomes such a treat and it encourages you to be more creative about eating in!
- Listening
- Making new friends
- Sharing my testimony
- Realizing that I'll probably always be working on something
- Looking for the best in others
- Erring on the side of hope
- Stopping what I'm doing to play with the kids - I'm going to do that now. :0)


Mike and Tiffany said...

Great list! :)

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Gosh, I have been out of the blogger world for too long. Look at what I've been missing! I love this post! I don't love leftovers, but isn't growing older and more mature a great thing?