Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Imagination

Ella is so imaginative these days. It's such a treat to witness her mind at work as she takes in the world, imitates what she sees and hears, and uses all she learns to play, play, play. All day long I hear, "Come on, Mommy!" Tonight she announced that she wanted her Daddy to help her build a robot (We've done this before after watching Curious George create one). Dad's cool because he's got the tools and they made this:
After she put the box on, she said, "I need a hat!"

It kept falling off, but she managed to maneuver well enough to pick it up.

I feel kind of mean about this last one, but it was such a classic moment. She yelled from her room, "The robot fell down!" and I had the camera in my hands, so...I took a picture, then helped "the robot" up.

We also had a nice afternoon in the backyard the other day enjoying the sun and playing. I love sunny day pictures of kids!
Playing "Where's Ella?" with her hat. She loves hats.
"Here she is!" (Sorry about the snotty nose, but I love her enthusiasm)

I don't know why, but I have an obsession with his dimpled, chubby hands and feet.


Alicia said...

That's so funny what Ella said about falling down. I was laughing! And I would've paused for a picture as well. =)

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

She's a crack up! What a fun age...rather, fun ages! Ezra is getting so big so fast, I'd never tire of photographing his little feet!