Thursday, May 28, 2009


The things Ella says make me smile. Sometimes I imagine blogs will be our kid's baby books in the future. Blogs are a cool way to stay in touch with family and friends and record things for posterity. Maybe one day I'll print some of the posts and put them in a book. On a side note, don't you also love all of the positive interaction and affirmation that goes on with blogging? :0)

Here's a few Ella-isms I wanted to share:

* "Whatcha wanna make?" (While playing kitchen)
* "Ella got a burpy!" (Always funny for her)
* "Sweet dreams, Daddy." (Even if mommy is putting her to bed).
* "Ella wants _ "(She often refers to herself in third person)
* "Big girls don't go poopy." (We're still working on this one. Big girls don't poop in diapers. Kind of an important distinction).
*Yesterday, we made peach milkshakes. We're sitting together at the table and she starts talking shapes with me. I thought, "this is random." She told me how she liked circles and squares, but that "milk shapes" were yummy.
"What color do you want?" (Often, my first crayon choice is unavailable for some reason, so I have to select another)
*Ella has a long memory. Sometimes she'll tell me about how Westyn hit her or Jaxton ate a sandwich. Who knows when that happened.
*"I got another one! I got another one!" (When catching something)
*"Come on, Mommy!"
*"Wanna play, Mommy?"
*"Play hide and seek, Mommy? You hide!" (When she counts, it's to a quick 3. When you count, it's to 10)
*"Play monster, Mommy?" (Monster comes after me.) "Don't be scared, Mommy. The monster won't hurt us."
*"I want to ride in the red cart." (She is obsessed with store carts that have the little cars in front)
*"I wanna help!"
*"Where's Daddy?" (I don't even have to answer anymore and she tells me) "Daddy went to work."
* "I'm scared." (She has a funny obsession with scary things, but doesn't wake up in the night scared or think there's monsters under the bed. I think it's just a fascinating emotion).
*"What's wrong, little guy? It's okay, Ezra."
*"Ezra's messy." (She likes to help with feeding solids by cleaning his face after every bite)
*"Let's watch a show!"
*"I like him." (About Ezra)
*"What happened to Ezra?" (Whenever he's down for a nap)
*"I want to hold his hand." (An obsession with Ezra. Even if I'm holding his hand, she wants to have it)
*We're learning the first article of faith. She knows "We believe in God the Eternal Father" and is working on the rest.
*She likes to help pray now. It's easy to see who's currently on her mind because she'll often mention a friend or family member's name several times.
*"Big girls (insert something we want her to do here)."
*'Daddy's a big boy."
*"Mommy's a big girl."
*"Ezra's just a little guy."
*She's also reached the "please may I" stage, which I love!
*She has an current interest in tree climbing and wants to climb every tree.
*I love it when she "helps" with something like weeding and grunts while she pulls at a big weed.
*Ella still loves to "read" to us and now knows quite a few lines from books. I especially love this with "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" and "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?"
*"I don't want to (insert sleep, eat, go to the bathroom) anymore!"
*Oh, and the classic "What's that?"

Obviously, I could go on and on and I seriously doubt any casual blog reader has even made it to the end of the list. Needless to say, having a toddler is a true gift - challenging, rewarding, perplexing, enlightening, delightful, frustrating, exhausting, and invigorating. I can't imagine my life without our Ella.


Keely said...

Those are cute. Some of those "isms" remind me of Elley, especially the 3rd person one. It's always, Elley this or Elley that. I wonder why they do that? It's cute!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

That is so cute. What an awesome list! It makes me miss that age! I think the reason they do it is because they only hear you talking to them in third person...and they are learning their speech from that...same reason why my firstborn would try to call me Rebecca...she didn't hear anyone else calling me "mom".

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

P.S. Mmmmmmmm. Peach Milkshakes.