Sunday, March 8, 2009


I changed my status on Facebook Friday morning and said I loved the sunny day, that it was Friday, Ezra's bright eyes, and Ella's red polka-dot dress. A friend I'd connected to from high school commented on my status. Rosemary told me that she and her friends call these "TSPs" or "Today's Simple Pleasures" and they text them to each other. What a wonderful idea!

As I was teaching Young Women's today, we talked about our divine roles as wives and mothers. The lesson talked about how our attitude affects everything we do and how keeping an eternal perspective helps us see joy in the everyday. I loved this concept and thought it tied in so well with my friend's "TSPs." I find that it can change a hectic day or frustrating moment to stop and take in the simple pleasures around me.

*Side Note: I had to take a break from my blog because Ella decided to brush Ezra's teeth with her toothbrush. Poor baby!

Here are a few photos of the kids from Friday (2 of the people responsible for so many of the TSPs in my life).

Ella decided to pose this way for the pictures.

I especially love these two with her big grin!

Ezra is fascinated by his sister and loves to watch her. Tonight they had a great time playing with her balloon - until she decided to brush his teeth!


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