Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Haircut and Tummy Time

There's quite a few pictures with this post, but I thought the story of Ella's haircut was so cute.

Tim went to our friend's house to get his hair cut last night and Kendra was nice enough to trim Ella's hair as well.
I was at Young Women's, so Tim took some photos for me.

This is such a typical face.

They must have said just the right thing to her.

Faces in the mirror.

What a big girl!

I love this one! The final results.

Here's the haircut after the bath this morning. She was reading, so she didn't want to stop for a picture.

Ezra is developing fantastic head control. Here's a few "tummy time" pictures from yesterday.

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Jen said...

Mindy, your kids are so stinkin' cute! I miss you guys. And tell Tim that we didn't mean to compromise his manhood by making him go to questionable sites- but the name was Jeff's idea! I hope you guys are well!