Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Bright Eyes and Daddy Gets His Wish

Our Ezra is really starting to show his personality now. I love to go in his room in the morning and peer down into his crib. He'll be fussing for you to come get him, then his entire face will light up with a grin when he sees your face. I love to peer over his toys and surprise him so he'll kick his little legs in delight and coo happily. We need to get some photos of him working on sitting up because he's very close to doing it on his own. I think it's so fun how everyone is trying to figure out who he looks like. One moment, someone will tell me how much he's looking like Tim, and the next someone else says he looks like me. I think he's mostly starting to look like Ella. I've included some recent pictures of Ezra and one of Ella at the same age. What do you think?
Ezra likes to sit in this seat while I cook. Poor guy's stuck in Ella's old pink seat.

He was smiling at me, but kept getting distracted by the camera. This photo was hard to get.

Ella in November of 2006.
Tim's birthday is coming up April 7th. We have been working so hard to get out of debt and stay out of debt for the past few years. He's wanted an X-box 360 forever, but just keeps patiently waiting until we could save up the money. With his birthday coming up, I felt like it was finally his year to get his wish. We had a few gift cards and I've been able to sell some of my Modbe display items, so I just went for it. Tim and I can never do anything simply, though, so he decided he wanted the limited edition red Resident Evil 5 version. I actually love this aspect of Tim's hobby - seeking out the rare items and finding the best deals on used games. Turned out there was one in Springfield, so I took the kids last Wednesday and we crossed our fingers that we would get there in time. We found it and had a special early birthday night for Dad. Ella loved giving Daddy his birthday present! I love my husband so much and I'm so glad he finally got his 360!

I love the look of anticipation on Tim's face!
The only wrapping we had large enough was a Christmas bag.
Ella loved helping Dad with his present.
Yeah! We've been having so much fun with this gift, playing games and watching Netflix "Watch it Now" on our tv using the X-box.

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