Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Parade

Ella loved it when she woke up on Friday morning and Dad was there to greet her. We all had breakfast together, then headed out to the Jacksonville 4th of July Parade. Ella especially loved the fire engines and tractors, plus everyone in the parade throws a ridiculous amount of candy. She came home with a bag full of candy (yeah for mom and dad too), 4 beaded necklaces, and a ball.


Jeff Hamm said...

looks like so much fun! Mtn Home doesn't do a July 4th parade, but they put on a big one for "Air Force Commemoration Day" in Sept.... it's the biggest parade in Idaho, whatever that means! Glad everyone had fun!

Cathy May said...

Cute girl,we wish you could have been with us on the 4th, we all missed you.
Love, Grandma C