Monday, August 3, 2009

Made Me Smile

I recently uploaded a group of candid photos of my kids and I could feel my mood instantly lighten as I looked at them. I recall smiling and thinking, "this is why I have kids." I remember wondering if having children was really for me in my 20s, but I think these shots say more than I ever could about the daily joys of motherhood!

Tim likes to create silly bath hair for Ella.

I love that she's old enough to appreciate how silly and fun this all is!

Ella's toddler, toothy grin with her big eyes always makes me smile!

Fresh out of the bath, sweet-smelling, soft-skinned baby.

There is nothing better than the look of Mommy-adoration!

Ezra got into the laundry basket and started pulling everything out.

He looked so pleased with himself, I couldn't stop him!

So, I pulled out my camera and started laughing with him!

Ezra's normally drooly (and we try to catch it with a bib), but this produced even more drool!

There's nothing better than sibling love and laughter.

Sometimes Ella tells me, "I love him."

Ezra lights up when he sees Ella, too, and loves to play with her (as long as she's not smothering him, and then he still puts up with it).

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Mike and Tiffany said...

Your kids are adorable! Chloe too likes to pull all the laundry out of the basket. I can't help but laugh... unless it's my basket of folded laundry! :)