Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diaper Daisy Cloth Diaper Trial

A friend of mine piqued my interest in cloth diapers this past year during a play date. While playing outside, I saw a clothing line with baby clothes and cloth diapers blowing in the breeze. I asked about the cloth diaper and she told me how she used them with her first (about 5 months younger than Ella) and was using them with her second (about 2 months younger than Ezra). She didn't push the issue or encourage me, but I like her lifestyle philosophy of "simplicity" and I went home to do more research on the topic.

To my surprise, cloth diapering is a major business. Long gone are prefolds with pins and plastic pants. In fact, the options in diaper styles and brands are completely overwhelming! I decided to first figure out if cloth diapering truly does save money (I believe it does), is good for the environment (yes, despite water use), and realistic for my lifestyle (possibly). I found some terrific resources for anyone interested in this topic:

www.simplemom.net is one of my favorite new resources! They did a whole Cloth Diapering 101 series of articles on cloth diapering from real moms. I found it fascinating and informative!

http://littlefornow.com/pages/choose-cloth-diapers.php Simple, straightforward info on diaper choices.

http://www.diaperco.com/store/pg/113-What-Cloth-Diapers-Should-I-Buy-.html More detailed info for making your decision.

http://www.diaperpin.com/clothdiapers/article_rightsystem.asp This article encouraged me to try different diapers out and avoid a costly mistake by investing in the wrong thing - which led me to:
The Diaper Daisy Cloth Diaper Trial at www.diaperdaisy.com

The idea here: Cloth diapering choices can be overwhelming, especially if you haven't been exposed to the newest options or ever tried it. Sara, the owner of Diaper Daisy, offers a trial for $9.95 (shipping to you is free) with a deposit. You use the items for 2 weeks and keep it all (and get a $20 credit), keep some, or return all (and pay the return shipping).

This web site has the best email customer service I have ever received! Sara will patiently answer all of your cloth diapering questions and help set up a custom diaper trail for you. If you visit the site, you'll see "Mindy's Custom Diaper Trial." I wanted to try a bit of every style, so mine is a bit pricier. But, ultimately, I'm only out the rental fee, plus return shipping, if I decide cloth diapering isn't for me.

My 2 week trial arrived last Thursday, but I haven't had spare time to write about it until now.
I've had some interesting responses to my foray into cloth diapers, from "Good for you!" to straight up, "You're crazy!" Many moms who didn't have the option of disposables think it's silly to go backwards. I want to chronicle this experience simply because I know there's other parents out there curious about cloth diapering. I'm not trying to convert anyone here - I'm not even certain I'm totally converted yet (but I'm pretty darn close). But if you've ever wondered about cloth diapering or are just curious about what our family is up to, keep tuned!

To Come: My experience (so far) and my (surprising) discoveries.
My Review of the Different Cloth Diapering Options
But What about "The Poo" and the smell?!
How do you wash them anyway?
So, what does your husband think about all of this?
How to use a prefold diaper.
To Cloth Diaper or Not to Cloth Diaper: The Decision.

One of my favorite parts of cloth diapering so far: They're just so darn cute!

Cloth diapers come in the most amazing, vibrant assortment of colors!

Some fit more trim than others, but they all add additional bulk to baby.

I think these are so cute on this tall, chubby guy!

I'd love to see them on a newborn too!

They look cute under clothes, too, but it's definitely tempting to put them on with a t-shirt.

I don't have any (yet), but they also make little leggings, so your little one can show off their adorable diaper when the weather gets chilly!

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