Saturday, July 4, 2009

Video Memories and It's all in the Family

I finally figured out how to upload video from my phone to the computer! The quality of the video leaves much to be desired, but it's still fun to see. The first video is of our little dancer and the second is of her singing. I don't know where she got her rhythm from, but this girl can dance! I think these are from about a year ago. It's incredible to see how much she's grown since then!

When my mom came to visit last year, she was showing Ella letters and, to help her understand the concept of big and small, they ended up calling them "Mommy" and "baby" letters. This has created a whole trend in our house. Here are a few examples to help explain how things are categorized in Ella's world. I love to see how, at this age, her whole world is family-centered.
* When we watch Wall-E, Wall-E is the "Daddy" robot and Eve is the "Mommy" robot. "Where'd the mommy robot go?"
* If we're eating grapes, she always asked for the "baby" grapes.
* Large is "Daddy" sized and medium is "Mommy" sized.
* Anyone who is "mature" is "a Grandma" or "a Grandpa."
* If anyone is upset (in person or on tv), they should "go find their Mommy and Daddy."
* She loves to be chased around by monsters and will say, "Be a Daddy monster!" Then, "Be a Mommy Monster!" This determines how loud you growl.
* When we sing "Old McDonald," she loves to use the same animal in several verses, but change its size.
* She likes to tell me that Ezra is her baby brother and she's the sister.

Ella's becoming so creative and I love it when she makes up words to her own songs now. I'll have to get this on video and post it!

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