Friday, July 17, 2009

If You were a Fly on the Wall...

Seems everyone is slowing down on blogging in the summertime with the sunshine to enjoy. Plus, it's so easy to upload an album to facebook to share. I am determined to someday use my blog posts in digital scrapbooks for my kids, though. I thought it would be fun to post some of the things you'd see and hear if you were a fly on the wall at the Farmer's. I was going to alternate kids, but the photos didn't upload that way.

*Ezra chowing down on solids. Like most babies, he is not a veggie fan. He does seem to prefer all food with cereal mixed in as well.

*Ezra practicing his voice - loudly. Sometimes Ella says, "He's yelling, Mommy." But it's happy noise.
*Ezra kicking his legs and arms in excitement.

*Ezra laughing - this is one of the most delightful sounds I've ever heard!

*Ezra reaching for everything within his eye line. His favorite thing: my hair. If he could just get it in his mouth, he'd be in heaven.

*The kids playing and laughing together. Ella actually felt possessive at the library puppet show today. Some older kids were playing with Ezra and she declared, "No! That's my boy!"

*Ella replying, "Yes, sweetheart?" when I call her name. It's gratifying when they repeat the good things you say, isn't it?

*Ella saying, "Oh, man." Lately, she's told Tim and I "don't say that word. It's mine."

*Ella sitting on the potty! I've decided to let Ella take the lead and things have been going better. I still suggest and encourage, but she decides. Last night she peed and made "tinkles" in the potty. We called both Grandmas to share the news and hear their cheers.

*Ella telling a story she's made up. Love, love, love the imagination!

As an aside, I also want to share how much I love swapping babysitting with other couples in the area. Every Friday night, one of four couples watches everyone's kids. In exchange for 1 busy Friday, we get 3 free date nights! This experience is wonderful for the kids as well because they're used to going over to other people's houses, they're comfortable with other trusted adults, and they learn to be flexible. We're not excited for our night (tonight!), but truly appreciate the date nights!

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