Monday, February 18, 2008


Tim put Ella in her chair to eat last night. We went into the kitchen to dish up soup, and this is how we found her when we returned to the table. Ella's always been a trendsetter, so we just left her this way. She seemed perfectly content.
Mom gave Tim this blinking Rudolph nose one year in his stocking and Ella found it amongst his stuff. Usually she likes for me to put it on, but today she wanted to wear it around the house. I also have some great video of Ella walking around with clothes on her head or wrapped around her shoulders. I'll have to post it once it's edited.

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Cathy May said...

Like mother, like daughter, wearing a red nose must run in the family. We have similar pictures of Mindy in a red nose and antlers, doing a performance. Maybe, Ella is a little shy.
I miss you lots and lots.
Oh, what is with Tim in a real shirt on a day other than Sunday, is Illinois changing him that much?