Saturday, February 23, 2008

Me and My Baby

Ella has formed a real attachment to the baby doll Grandma Cathy gave to her lately. She even says, "baby" now.

She loves to feed, cuddle, and pat the baby. We have tons of fun feeding the baby and she always follows removing the bottle from baby's mouth with a satisfied "Mmmm". Boy, is that bottle good!


Rebecca said...

We love that baby. Alice saw the picture and said, "She took mine baby!" Love the little girl fun.

Jeff Hamm said...

Cute kiddo and why is it that kids form such an attachment to baby dolls?

Cathy May said...

I love the fact that she finally loves her baby. I wish I could hold her and the baby both.
Lots of love,

grandma Cathy

The Hamm Bunch said...

Love it! That is both of my girls favorite baby also! They take it with them everywhere! Too cute!

Keely said...

Hey Mindy...I stumbled across your blog so I thought I would leave a comment. Sounds like you are doing great!!! Ella looks so big and soooo cute! It looks like you are in the same boat as me.....a baby with no hair. I must say that even though they don't have hair, they are still the cutest babies ever!!!

It was fun finding your blog!!! I will check it again soon!!!

B & A Hamm said...

Hey it was fun to find your blog! I cant believe how big Ella is getting, she's so beautiful! Feel free to check our our blog:!