Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been searching for an opportunity to work from home for quite some time. I recently ordered some tops from Modbe and fell in love with their clothing line. The Modbe line includes quality clothing that is modern and fun. They currently have the most adorable swim suits that perfectly combine fashion and coverage. I love clothes and fashion, so I decided to start my own business selling the Modbe clothing line. I'm hoping this will bring some extra income into our home and provide a fun opportunity to use my professional skills and get more involved in the community.

I will be having an open house soon and I'm working on a space to display locally in Jacksonville. If you're interested in what I'm up to, feel free to visit my site at!


Dudley Family said...

Great Idea! Love the website! I just wish the had maternity clothes... but I will definitely check out the clothes again after baby! :) Let me know if they come out with a maternity line!

The Farmers said...

Thanks! Actually, the essential shirts can work with maternity!

Rebecca said...

They do work for maternity! Joining the family business, eh?! :) Good luck with that. You should look into GPT too. I have friends who do that a lot and they make really decent money in their free time. Mary's checking into it, so you can ask her for info. Rest assured, she'll have a great system for how to make the most money!