Saturday, April 19, 2008


I woke up suddenly Friday morning at 4:45 to the house shaking. I instinctively reached over and shook Tim awake to make sure I wasn't going crazy. He sort of woke up and dazedly confirmed that the house was indeed shaking. An earthquake? Here? We thought we only had tornadoes to worry about. Turns out we're actually on a fault line. Around 10 am, I thought Ella'd bumped into the computer desk, but it shook too long for that...aftershock. This was my third earthquake in memory.


Jeff Hamm said...

Pretty crazy! No damage I assume.

Rebecca said...

Gosh, I was just reading a similar story on my friend's blog...she lives in Missouri. Crazy.

I have a kind of phobia of earthquakes, though I've never experienced one. I wish I had been around in 2000/2001 for that earthquake, it was minimal but still ranked as a real deal. I would have liked to experience one like that.

Mandy said...

I have lived in IL most of my life and I never experienced an earthquake until you all arrived. You must have brought it with you from WA. They claim that the buildings in downtown Chicago shook but we slept right through it. Just wait until tornado season!