Friday, January 16, 2009

Dad and the Kids

I still haven't been lucky enough to capture an Ezra smile, but here's some fun photos from the past couple of weeks.
Tim and Ella had tons of fun playing the "toss the toddler" game downstairs. We loved what the static electricity did with her hair.

Tim helped entertain Ella while I nursed Ezra the other night. They looked so adorable reading together at the top of the stairs. I especially love how their legs mimick each other. First, Tim read to Ella, then she read to him.

I always love the photos of Tim snuggling with our kids. You can tell he really loves it and he has a magic night-time touch with Ezra (thank goodness!)

I wish I was a better photographer so I could better capture the personality of Ezra. I am determined to get a photo of him smiling with his eyes all lit up. Until then, I've tried to capture how big he's getting. I put the Winnie the Pooh next to him to try and give my mom and idea of how much he's grown since she saw him.

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Jeff Hamm said...

Thanks for the update! He sure looks like a little cutie. And it looks like he's pretty active on his back.