Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Ella and I had tons of fun putting up our Christmas tree this weekend. I wanted to get it up before the baby came, so our family went to get one on Saturday. Tim helped cut the tree and get it up. I put on the lights, then Ella and I decorated it. I am so thrilled to be home this year and able to enjoy our own live Christmas tree. The tree is such a significant part of Christmas for me. My Dad loved live Christmas trees and selecting the perfect tree was a huge holiday event for our family. We've always had trees with big, colorful lights to go along with the bubble lights my father loved (and I do too!). We also received a new ornament each year, so we'd have a collection like the one you see here later in life. I love snow baby ornaments and figurines, too, so there's lots of those as well. Ella has started her own collection and hopefully she'll find as much pleasure in the memory's associated with each year's ornament as I do! Happy Christmas season!


Annalise said...

What a lovely tree!

And I'm very excited to hear all your baby news! Make sure to keep us posted! :)

Mert said...

Nice tree. I'd put one up, but I'm feeling kind of 'bah-lazy-bug' this year. :)