Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt in the community park on Saturday morning. New lesson for our family: When you have a garage, you have to go outside to check the weather. Tim had to run home and get our winter stuff (it was so warm the day before, we didnt' need coats). As you can see, Ella is freezing. She didn't really get what we were up to, but liked the candy inside. It was mayhem, with people running for eggs. Next year, we'll do a leisurely hunt at home.


Jeff Hamm said...

We did one of those community things last year and Sarah and the older kids loved it! Ella might be more up for something like that next year, especially if they have other things going on besides an egg hunt. Happy Easter!

Cathy May said...

Hey, Ella what is that on top of your head. It looks like your trying to have bunny ears.
Love you lots and lots. Also, ask mom where the Easter dress pictures are. Miss you lots.
Grandma Cathy

Annalise said...

Hey! I just found your's so much fun to read up on how you guys are doing!